"You can report and interact with your users quickly, easily and effectively. Manage the content to be shown and have access to statistics and can analyze to improve accuracy and impact."


It incorporates and manages all your information in an agile and intuitive way (commercial establishments, points of interest, events, itineraries, areas, highlights).


The platform has several views that allow displaying all information entered from the content manager: APP, interactive web map as well as different web views.


You can have access to all statistics in order to make the best decisions (consultation, information downloads, user profiles, distribution maps, etc ...).

Management panels, consultation and intuitive analysis

The platform

GoolTracking is a communication platform, management and online analysis, fully scalable and customizable according to the specific needs and features of each client.


It can incorporate any type of information and multimedia content and display it instantly through different configurable views both web and mobile platform:

  • Multilanguage texts
  • Photographs
  • Pictures and 360º videos
  • Itineraries with topographic profiles
  • PDF Documents
  • Sound files (audio guides,...)
  • Promotional coupons
  • Ratings


All built-in information on the platform is managed in a quick and dynamic way through a set of panels and online assistants. GoolTracking allows the establishment of roles and personalized permission levels to facilitate management under a corporate environment:

  • Imports / Exports
  • Textual information
  • Multimedia
  • Notification announcements
  • Statistics query


It sets an intelligent interaction with end-users by combining data related to position (GPS, i-Beacon, WIFI, ...) with the information derived from the use of APP by actual users:

  • Creating profiles and user segments
  • Defining areas of automatic interaction by location
  • Defining actions of data activation
  • Interaction with devices Beacon
  • Notification announcements according to proximity and user profile
  • Distribution of users in real time


The information, derived from the use of the platform by users, can be displayed and analyzed by different statistical panels in order to know users better and be able to optimize the interaction (information sent, notices, promotions, etc ...):

  • Users’ location and distribution
  • Profiles and segmentation
  • Ratings
  • Information enquiries
  • Check-in coupons in stores
  • Stay periods (interest areas, shops, etc ...)


The implementation of a management strategy and digital communication must NOT be seen as an added cost, but rather as a mechanism of efficiency and savings, which also allows to know and interact better with our potential users:

  • It reduces distribution costs in printed communications
  • It reduces the cost of maintenance of informational panels
  • It allows automatic sending of alerts and incidents through mobile
  • It allows to know the distribution of users in a particular area instantly

We use the latest technologies to reach everyone!


The main advantages of using goolTracking platform are:


The only requirement the project must have is to deal with geo-referenced information. Hereafter, the platform is adapted and customized to the needs of each client.


The platform is designed and programmed in a modular fashion, so that you can expand and upgrade options and features according to the needs of each client.

All in one platform

The customers only have to worry about incorporating their data and we take care of all the management, maintenance and evolution of the platform (servers, evolutionary improvements,...).


It includes tools and features designed to take away economic performance: manage banners, independent control panels for each establishment, management of coupons, etc...


Our range of customers is made up of large companies and corporations up to small businesses or even start-ups!. We value the project and climb the platform depending on requirements.


If you already have an own APP, no problem!... We can integrate and adapt the different functionalities of GoolTracking on the already existing platform transparently.


It is an already developed, consolidated and tested platform. Therefore, its implementation is fast and safe: in a few days, the customer can use the system and start working!


We like talking to each client, who explains us his/her project and to be able to analyze together the features required. We get adapted to each client. Ask us about the different financing options available.

Our clients

We are very grateful and proud of the clients we have had throughout our company life. Each of them has helped us grow and try to be better every day:

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